About Us

Lottery fans to the core, we love playing the lottery and especially playing in EuroMillions syndicates.

We've been playing EuroMillions ever since it first launched back in 2004. Which just goes to show how hard it is to win when you play on your own.

Over the years we've seen so many weird and wonderful lottery systems, and crazy schemes - none of which worked, at all.

But the one single solitary thing that has increased how often we win, and the amount we win, is playing in syndicates.

All of which makes lots of sense of course, because our friendly neighbourhood lottery company design the game to be fair and random. And you can bet that all those security and auditor type people responsible for making sure the draw is random are a pretty clever bunch.

So don't waste your money on all those loopy software systems and crazy number analysis schemes, play in a syndicate. You get more tickets, a genuine better chance of winning, and without the cost of having to buy all those tickets yourself. Best of everything!